Saturday, 5 March 2011

A productive but painful friday night!

I have been on a handmade embellishment kick of late and last night I decided to make a batch of rolled flowers and 'singed edge' flowers. Having never made them before it took me a couple of tries to perfect the process and in doing so I had a number of little accidents, I will share them with you so you don't make the same mistakes!

1. Never hold a cable with your teeth to get 'better precision', it may end in a blob of very hot glue getting stuck to the end of your nose.
2. Ensure that you don't get glue on your scissors and rest them on your leg, you may find that you have a new 'embellishment' on your brand new pair of trousers.
3. Always wear a good bra. Bosoms that roam free on the desk top may find they are adorned with rolled flowers, on the other hand, if you are a burlesque dancer by night you'll have some pretty cute pasties.
4. Whilst fingers are essential for crafting, be aware of the effect of hot glue when holding something down to get 'good adhesion'. Surgically removing a layer of skin to remove an errant piece of fabric can be painful.
5. TIE YOUR HAIR BACK, I cannot stress this enough. I do however have a lovely new asymetric hairstyle that wouldn't look out of place in the 80's.
6. Pearls covered in hot glue stick really, really well to the skin. Unless you are channelling Lady Gaga, be careful where you put them.
7. Waft the fabric above the flame, don't get too close and make sure you have a cup of water nearby. A damp baby wipe is not the same as a fire retardent blanket.
8. Move the candle if you need to reach for something, don't reach over the candle, burnt arm hair is not a nice smell.

After all that, and if you persevere, you may end up with a batch of pretty little flowers like these

Only 1 human was harmed during the making of these flowers ;p



  1. This had me crying with laughter!
    Hope you soon recover...

  2. Beautiful flowers! I've been picking up some things to have a try myself so thanks for the tips! Hope you weren't hurt too badly. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. oh dear ... they say you have to suffer for your art LOL

  4. This post is so funny...the images it conjoured up were priceless x The flowers were worth it, they're great.

  5. *snort* They are lovely flowers but I like my arm hair just the way it is thankyou very much...

  6. these are stunning and worth the pain :p

    oooh i have a shed load of bandages i 'acquired' from the bin - don't panic, purely out of date and nit used!!!! i had intentions of making some of these but have yet to play!!! i see a date on friday night!

  7. just found your blog, and now mum is asking where she can read more (not bad if you can convert a technophobe!)
    we have both been giggling for the last ten min. Hope you managed to recover from the trauma!
    lovely embellishments by the way!


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