Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I am at odds with my sewing machine. I love the look of sewn cards and it took me quite a while to be brave enough to use my sewing machine on a card for fear of ruining it and sure enough I did the first time but I keep persevering with varying results.

I started this card for my mother in law's birthday and decided that I wanted to sew the paper on for a more finished look and with some trepidation started with the sewing. The first inch went well then it all started to go wrong, it started missing stitches, zigging when it should have zagged and so on and so forth. I continued onwards and after i was finished it just looked...ugly. I took some thread and oversewed the parts that had been missed, it looks much better but I can still see where I had to correct it, I just hope the MIL doesn't!


  1. It's gorgeous, well worth the persevering - lovely colours. You're brave to use the machine - your experience is why I don't..no patience to persevere!

  2. I love the look of machine-stitching on cards and scrapbook layouts but have never been brave enough to try! To be honest, the sewing machine never works properly when I'm sewing clothes so I rarely use it.
    Your card, even if you say the stitching's incomplete, looks lovely.

  3. I have to agree with Julia and Anne, it looks lovely. I'm sure MIL will find it fabulous.


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