Monday, 21 March 2011

52 Cards Challenge Week 12

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing you make turns out how you envisioned? That's just what happened to me today. After pulling the prompts out of the bag I sat and just stared at my clip it up, filled with visions of this and that and got quite excited, until I started pulling it all together and it just didn't 'fit' right. I was almost at a point earlier where I wasn't going to post what I made, but I think I should share the good with the bad ;)

I also didn't photograph the prompts because I clean forgot! They are:


I pulled out a pack of American Crafts stickers and went from there. I was happy that Unisex was featured this week as I have a number of male birthdays coming up and find it hard going to make suitable cards so I hoped this would push me to get some ready.
Here is the first. The circles were going to be polka dots on a white background, but it just looked so plain, I added the lime card and the word 'happy' but it still looked too simple, I popped on the candles and decided to leave it, I have a habit of adding stuff when I should stop and I knew if I kept going I would hate the finished product, so far this is tolerable.
I then decided to use the excess circles, mounting them on foam pads to give them some dimension, and adding the number stickers from the pack as I knew I wouldn't use them on another project. Once I was finished it didn't convey 'birthday' so I added a sentiment on some acetate. Still, pretty blah.
The brown 'best ever' used to have the word birthday in it but I cut it out so I could position it next to the cake. I had initially stamped birthday candles, cakes and hats on a blue card blank but, as my day was going I hated that too. I added some Making Memories paper and highlighted the blue dots with stickles, mounted the stickers on some gingham card and left it at that.

*sigh* I hate days like today and I hope that you have a better one, anyway I am off to the Big Apple this week so that gives me something to smile about :)

Have a great week!


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  1. Nothing wrong with these m'dear!
    Especially love the first one. Have a fab trip


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