Monday, 15 April 2013

Easter Catch Up!

Ok, I know, I know, Easter was a while ago and I am only just getting round to posting this!

First up is this bee-ee-ay-utiful card from the very talented Nat over at Kool Kitty Musings, isn't it gorgeous? My favourite part is the sweet little nest with the darling blue eggs, just perfect!

I saw these pretty decorated egg cartons on pinterest and it sparked my imagination

Here is my version that I sent to the lovely Nat.

When I saw these cute chocolate eggs for sale on the run up to Easter I knew what I wanted to do with the boxes. Egg 'n' Spoon from Cadburys, just a teensy bit yummy!

I tried spray painting one of the boxes but the smell was horrendous so I covered the second box in a layer of gesso then 2 coats of white acrylic paint.

I then filled each cup with little treats and goodies. I am so pleased with how it turned out, I have one more box left and I can't wait to make another!

Thank so much for reading, have a great week!

Ang x

PS - How did I forget to post THIS Easter fail?

At the time it all seemed like such a good idea
  • ingeniously (and I use that in the loosest possible sense) using passé fibers to create a nest? Check.
  • adding hand coloured little feathers? Check.
  • badly coloured eggs? Yup.
  • poorly executed ribbon banner? Uh huh.
I was quite proud of it, until I looked at the photo and all I saw was a tangled mess of *cough whisper* pubic hair. Poor ink choices, colouring, and the banner? Nope, sometimes you just have to learn a lesson and this lesson was 'throw it in the bin'!

PPS - I also give up on trying to fix the fonts and font colours on this post.


  1. What a fabulous altered egg carton-- so sweet and fun!

  2. Ahhhh so that was the source of the egg box! How lovely, I am just disappointed I didn't see any of these egg and spoon moouses in the shops around here, I'd been looking out for them too to enjoy after my Lent chocolate-drought.
    I love my egg box, so thank you again for sending me it - I am wondering if any of the items inside will work on a Christening card I need to make. We shall see. ;o)

    And your fuzzy egg nest, oh my your comments did make me laugh, especially one of them!

  3. I think your card is just darling! I didn't see those egg cartons on Pinterest, I for sure would have pinned them, they're so much fun! Your take is wonderful!


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