Monday, 11 May 2009

Birthday Wishes

Ugh, I have a cold and feel very sorry for myself at the moment and if one more person says 'I hope it's not swine flu' I will throttle them!

Whilst I have been home sick I have been working on a birthday card for my Nanna's birthday at the end of the month, I usually end up leaving it to the last minute and I hate rushing a card as I like to put a bit of thought behind it.

This card started off in the same vein as my mother's day card, I knew the look I wanted to create and started pulling bits together. I originally started with some pretty green K&Co Madeleine paper and chipboard butterflies and a victorian cherub embellishment, but when I talked to my Mum about my original idea she wondered if I could make something in blue as it's my Nanna's favourite colour and this is what I came up with.

I started off with the padded idea, i tried it on thin chipboard and funky foam but didn't get the little indents I wanted so tried it again with felt as the padding and it worked better than I expected. I added the MM Paperie flocked paper but because of the padding it was had a large step between the two hence the frame. If I had been thinking a bit better I should have raised the flock paper to the same depth of the padding.

I haven't used Grungeboard before but it's a great medium to work with. I hand cut the butterflies from GB, embossed with cuttlebug folder, painted then decorated with glitter, distress stickles and perfect pearls. I mounted them over some tulle and added some ribbon tails. I have had the lace for almost 20 years (I almost fainted when I realised that, how can I be so old??) and handstitched some seed beads at the edges.

My only problem is how to pack it, it's definitely not going to fit in an envelope!


  1. wow this card is simply stunning, just lush.
    Sorry your not well, ive had the flu and still not well and your right im sick of hearing the swine flu comments also.

    get well soon

    Much Love Katy

  2. What a beautiful card ... such alot of work but worth every second taken.

  3. WOW that card is beautifull, i love it ,so lovely well done for a very special card .

  4. Wow, just wow! Your cards are fabulous.

  5. Wow - what a beautiful and detailed card. I could never make something that gorgeous! Those butterflies are particularly beautiful, and I can't believe you handcut them!


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