Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Valentine Presents

My best friend moved overseas a couple of years ago taking my adorable niece and nephew with her :) I try to send cards as often as I can and created these for my niece, nephew and BF's husband (BF gets an extra special card!) The stamp images were all cut using decorative scissors from K&Co paper, along with some embossed Doodlebug card and some paperchase stickers, I love how they turned out!

I'm also sending a ton of valentine and easter chocolates, a pack of notecards and these babies...

I've been working on this flower hairclip for a while, I had the outer petals and ribbon ruffle finished a couple of months ago but didn't know how to finish the centre. I found these pretty diamante flower buttons on eBay and they were just what I was looking for and add a nice little sparkle. My niece has the most beautiful, romantic looking curly hair and I hope this will look so pretty in her blonde curls.

I really like making handbag keychains out of pretty beads so I made this one for my best friend. The beads were an absolute steal from Accessorize, in my local store they have a section for broken jewellery and I picked up some beautiful necklaces, brooches and bracelets for 10p-50p each. I was able to fix 2 and they would have cost me over £25 to buy! Anyway, I digress, one of the beads on a bracelet was covered in thread which had frayed so it was reduced to 10p, I simply removed the beads from the elastic and rewired them onto a length or keychain with a lobster clasp. The finished keychain is in shades of taupe, mushroom and soft rose, sounds a bit blah but looks really expensive, I'd like to keep it but every time I would see it on my bag I would feel guilty :)


  1. How lovely, what an exciting parcel to get...I have overseas famil and by comparison to you, I neglect them horribly. Good for you !

  2. They will just love all those treats I'm sure when they open the parcel. To make a handbag keychain form broken jewellery.. now there's an idea I could run with!


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