Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Cherry = Love

I adore cherries, it's high up there with my two other favourites almonds and pears. I love the smell and the taste, both edible and in bath products, patterns or the colour!

I found a cute little BG Cherry stamp set on holiday and knew I had to buy it! I feel some more cherry related cards coming soon and I can't wait to snaffle some of that Doodlebug Cherry Amore and Berry Blue paper to make some sweet summer goodness!

Now, I'm not one for sewing much but I was so pleased to work out for myself how to make the stitching on the cherry stems in one continuous line. I know, I'm not the sharpest pin in the sewing box when it comes to anything stitch related!


  1. Oh I like this! Cherries rank high for me too - are you familiar with Mary Engelbreit - if not I recommend you 'google' her, she uses cherries in most of her designs and ranks high in my faves!

  2. Ooh, google her I shall! Thanks for the kind comments Julia!

  3. Love the card - nice and summery!

  4. OOh that is sooo pretty, I too love cherries just wish I could find more places to use them!

  5. I am with you on the cherry front and I love this card ... so pretty and vibrant!

  6. I love this card so different and I love how you created the cherries and that bit of lace is so beautiful


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